Annual Maintenance of Chairs...

With the passage of time, Office Chairs need to be often serviced/ repaired, commonly for defective wheels, loose nuts and bolts, loose handles etc. This involves a substantial cost outlay when correlated with a large number of chairs prevalent in a corporate or Institution. Our research, drawn from experience, tells us that It is not uncommon for a customer to prematurely retire and dispose of chairs, each costing say, Rs. 5000/- and above, without realizing that the repairs/refurbishing would not cost much. However, unfortunately, it is also true that Chair Vendors do not extend dependable servicing facilities to their customers once the Chairs are sold.

The age old adage of "A Stitch In Time Saves Nine" cannot be truer. As part of its comprehensive Customer Orientation Approach, Masuma Enterprises offers a reliable arrangement for servicing and maintenance of your Office Chairs. A Standard Service Contract arrangement would envisage:-
1. Two services in a quarter - i.e. eight times in a year. The service would cover Check-up of the chairs for smooth functioning, Oiling and Greasing and Restoring Alignment. During the contract period, parts damaged like wheels, handles, hydraulic gas lift stand, base mechanism, will be replaced at the prevailing factory price.
2. The seat fabric and back upholstery are not included in the maintenance services.
3. Maintenance cost tariff will be Rs. 250/- per unit chair. This works out to less than a rupee per day.

We believe that the offered contractual arrangement provides a smooth, headache-free and cost effective solution to our corporate and institutional clients.